The Mainiox CMMS contains many features necessary for companies to maintain maintenance.

Make it easier to manage your company's maintenance

Maintenance feature

The maintenance module lets you easily store and manage important information about your devices and assets. Easily create maintenance tasks and view maintenance costs.

  • Store and manage important information
  • Create and perform maintenance tasks
  • Check the device-specific maintenance history
  • View costs per device
  • Create preventive maintenance plans
A screenshot of the 'Complete Maintenance' feature in the Mainiox software's user interface, enabling users to efficiently log maintenance tasks and ensure the flawless operation of their equipment.
The screenshot showcases the comprehensive maintenance history of a device stored in the Mainiox software, enabling a quick and clear summary of the performed maintenance actions for that device and ensuring its reliable operation.

Keep your maintenance history up to date

Maintenance history

Optimize maintenance history management. Store and archive the maintenance history electronically, making it available to everyone who needs it.

  • Archive your maintenance history
  • Track costs
  • A centralized source of information

Spare parts and warehouse management software

Warehouse management

Reduce errors and save time with warehouse management software.

  • Inventory alerts
  • Inventory quantities
  • Supplier information at your fingertips
  • Simplifies inventory transactions
  • Find parts details and information
  • Up-to-date inventory information
  • Real-time inventory tracking and alerts
A screenshot from the Mainiox software displays a clear and organized list of all the saved spare parts. It provides a comprehensive overview of all spare parts, making spare part management and review easily accessible at a glance.