Mainiox is the best solution for companies that want to optimize their maintenance processes. With a user-friendly interface, powerful reporting features, and Mainiox's maintenance module is the perfect tool to help you manage your maintenance needs efficiently.

Make it easier for your company to manage maintenance data

Streamlined maintenance information management

With Mainiox's maintenance module, you can easily store and manage important information about your equipment and assets. For example, you can assign unique identifiers, brands, models, serial numbers, images, categories, and descriptions/instructions to your devices and assets. You can also link devices to spare parts and contact information so that all related data is easily available in one place.

The screenshot provides a detailed view of the information recorded for a device within the Mainiox software, including device specifications, instructions, and other essential details. These details facilitate the management and maintenance of the device.
The screenshot showcases the comprehensive maintenance calendar and efficient preventive maintenance feature of the Mainiox software, enabling easy and efficient planning, scheduling, and tracking of maintenance tasks.

Easily create maintenance tasks

Effortless creation and execution of a maintenance task

With Mainiox, you can easily create maintenance tasks for your equipment and assets. You have two options: you can schedule a maintenance task and receive a reminder email on its due date and perform the maintenance, or you can create a maintenance task that has already been performed and enter the necessary information into the app. When you complete the maintenance task, you can add the spare parts used for the task and the associated costs, and the application will automatically calculate these values and add the total to the maintenance costs.

All maintenance reports in one place

Comprehensive maintenance history

With the maintenance history, you can easily find all the maintenance tasks performed on the maintenance history page. This feature streamlines the maintenance management process and gives you a comprehensive view of all tasks performed by your equipment and resources.

The screenshot stored in the Mainiox software provides a comprehensive maintenance history of machines and equipment. It offers a quick and clear summary of performed maintenance actions, ensuring the reliable operation of the devices and simplifying the planning and tracking of maintenance tasks.
A screenshot captured within the Mainiox software clearly presents device-specific costs for the preceding month, quarter, and year. This feature offers users valuable insights into the cost patterns of their devices across various timeframes.

Stay on top of costs

Accurate maintenance cost analysis

The software allows you to easily track and analyse the maintenance costs of each piece of equipment and asset over time. The application provides a detailed breakdown of costs for the last month, quarter and year and compares these figures with the previous period. This feature allows you to identify areas where you can save money and optimise your maintenance process.

Preventive maintenance

Planning for predictive maintenance

With the Mainiox Maintenance Module, you can create preventive maintenance plans for each piece of equipment and asset, ensuring that all necessary tasks are scheduled and performed on time. Once a preventive maintenance plan is created, it is automatically added to the maintenance calendar. As each scheduled maintenance task is completed, a new task is automatically created in the calendar a certain number of days later. This interval value can be easily set during the creation or editing of the preventive maintenance plan, ensuring that the right tasks are always scheduled at the right time.

The screenshot introduces the 'Create Preventive Maintenance' view, which provides a user-friendly way to plan and schedule preventive maintenance, promoting optimal device performance and reducing unexpected failures.
The screenshot showcases the attached files associated with a device stored in the Mainiox software, such as technical manuals, images, and documentation. These files provide valuable information about device maintenance, upkeep, and operation.

Keep your important files safe

Easy file management

With the Mainiox Maintenance Module, you can easily upload and store images, documents and guides related to each device and asset on its own page. This allows you to keep all your essential information in one place and access it quickly whenever you need it.

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