Mainiox Maintenance software

Mainiox is a mobile and web-based maintenance system that allows for reporting and scheduling of upcoming maintenance tasks. The software also keeps spare parts, suppliers, and importers in order.

The entire maintenance history in one place

Maintenance history

Mainiox's CMMS always has an up-to-date maintenance history, which you can easily view or update anywhere and anytime. You can also view the expenses associated with each maintenance task.

The screenshot presents a comprehensive maintenance history of machines and equipment stored in Mainiox software. Provides a quick and clear overview of performed maintenance actions, ensuring reliable equipment operation and facilitating maintenance planning and tracking.
The screenshot displays the preventive maintenance tasks for a device recorded in the Mainiox software, which are documented clearly and provide valuable information about planned maintenance actions.

Extend the life of your equipment

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance is the key to the long service life of equipment and tools. The software lets you make preventive maintenance plans and schedule maintenance regularly, preventing potential faults and breakdowns.

Keep equipment spare parts and suppliers in order

Spare parts

Manage spare parts and their information effortlessly with the software. You can add and remove spare parts from the system, connect them to the desired machines and devices, and save information about suppliers and importers of spare parts.

A screenshot from the Mainiox software's spare part card encompassing extensive spare part details. Facilitates swift and convenient access to vital spare part information, streamlining spare part management and maintenance planning.
A screenshot captured within the Mainiox software clearly presents device-specific costs for the preceding month, quarter, and year. This feature offers users valuable insights into the cost patterns of their devices across various timeframes.

Cost monitoring in real time

Maintenance costs

With Mainiox, you can keep track of maintenance costs and monitor them long-term. CMMS helps make sensible decisions, such as considering buying a new machine or continuing to maintain an old machine, as well as budgeting.

Maintenance in real-time

With the maintenance information system, the information is accessible to everyone

Is the maintenance information not accessible to everyone? Do maintenance reports and related documents get lost in folders, digital files, or piles around the factory? Machines can break down unexpectedly, leading to potential production halts in worst-case scenarios. Do you always lose contact or related information for maintenance companies and spare parts stores?

With the Mainiox CMMS, you can monitor your maintenance directly in real time, regardless of the device, place, or time. You can find reports, contact information, spare parts, maintenance history, and preventive maintenances in the same place! With the software's help, you ensure that your facility and company can focus on doing productive work, and you can prevent production downtime by keeping equipment and machines serviced and up-to-date. Thanks to the maintenance software, you save time and money and avoid extra headaches.

The screenshot showcases the comprehensive maintenance history of machines and equipment stored in the Mainiox software, offering a quick and clear overview of performed maintenance actions. It ensures the reliable operation of the devices and simplifies the planning and tracking of maintenance tasks.

Keep your documents in order

Why is a CMMS important, and why should you get it?

Many companies still track maintenance records based on which machine or device was serviced, and when, either on paper or from memory by specific individuals. What happens if these documents are accidentally destroyed, or if the individual knowledgeable about maintenance leaves the company or retires? Who then handles maintenance-related issues in your company, or where do you get this information for yourself or your company? The company should consider this question and prepare for these situations. Otherwise, it may become expensive for the company because all the work and information on paper or in the head of this particular person must acquired again.

With our software, you can avoid such a situation where maintenance-related papers or information is unavailable. For example, with Mainiox's CMMS, you have easy access, regardless of time or place, to see what and when was done to which machine. In addition, with the CMMS, you create a unified situational picture for all employees or those who should know about maintenance in your company.

The software makes it easier to store and view documents and reports. In addition, the software makes sure that periodic maintenance details are always available. Regularly servicing machines and equipment can save considerable amounts of money and reduce the occurrence of unplanned malfunctions. With Mainiox's CMMS, you can digitize your company's production maintenance.

In addition, you can add the contact information of spare parts and maintenance companies to the software. Thus, anyone who needs to order a specific spare part for a particular machine can quickly find and access this information.

Mainiox makes it easier for your company to keep maintenance documents and reports.

Screenshot of the Mainiox software's device page, where you can find essential information and features. It provides a comprehensive view of the device's status and facilitates efficient management

Improve the reliability of your company

Improve your company's reliability by digitizing maintenance

With Mainiox, you can create preventive maintenance, schedule maintenance tasks, and be able to report the performed maintenance. Our CMMS is scalable for both large and small companies that want to improve the reliability of their facility and company.

With the clear and easy-to-use user interface of Mainiox's CMMS, you digitize your company's maintenance.

What is Mainiox?

User-friendly and efficient

Mainiox is a user-friendly and efficient software designed for streamlining maintenance tasks. The software is reliable, easy to use, and does not require an implementation project, but is immediately ready for use.

Reporting and maintenance history

Mainiox always has an available and up-to-date maintenance history.

You can effortlessly track the maintenance history, associated expenses for each device or machine, and the corresponding time spent. That allows you to evaluate whether investing in a new device or machine would be more cost-effective instead of repeatedly servicing a faulty one.

Works regardless of the device

Maintenance acknowledgements and reporting can also be done with smartphones

Mainiox being constantly on the phones of the employees/maintenance staff makes it easier and faster for them to check what they have done to each device and when, for example, when the next periodic maintenance is due. Therefore, employees can easily monitor maintenance tasks and check important information anytime and anywhere.

The screenshot showcases the functionality of the Mainiox software on mobile devices, offering users flexibility and convenience to use the software anywhere and anytime.

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Getting Started with Mainiox

Mainiox is a ready-to-use maintenance software

Because Mainiox is a browser-based software, it does not require an implementation project but is immediately ready to use - so starting the software is easy and fast. You only need to register and start a free trial period to get to know the software.

You can try Mainiox for 14 days for free without any commitments. However, if a contract has yet to be signed, the subscription will expire at the end of the trial period.

The Mainiox software is reliable, easy to use, and navigate. Adding new team members to the CMMS is straightforward, allowing the company's employees to have a unified view of the maintenance landscape.

Adding and editing spare parts, devices, contact information, and maintenance is easy. In addition, since the maintenance software is scalable for different devices, everyone can find their favorite device to use the software.

Please get in touch with us if you want a demo presentation of the software or have any other questions.